Johannes Vermeer na Kwirynale – galeria

Johannes Vermeer, Allegory of the Catholic Faith, ca 1670-72, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
One of Vermeer’s most unusual pictures, this large canvas was probably commissioned by a Catholic patron. The subject was adopted from a standard handbook of iconography, Cesare Ripa’s „Iconologia.” Vermeer interpreted Ripa’s description of Faith with the „world at her feet” literally, showing a Dutch globe published in 1618. The divine world is suggested by the glass sphere hanging overhead. The painting of the Crucifixion on the wall copies a work by Jacob Jordaens. Among the several Christological symbols, the most prominent are the apple, emblem of the first sin, and the serpent (Satan) crushed by a stone (Christ, the „cornerstone” of the church). Dating from about 1670, the work strikes a balance between abstraction and haunting similitude. from


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