Spis wystaw / In English

Hello Dear Readers from around the world Errr … Should I write ‚Lookers’ … Sorry this blog and texts are in polish. But ‚Art’ has no language. It is truly universal! You have a lot to look at. Here are links to my best galleries. Feel free to leave any comments and press ‚LIKE’ button 😉 Enjoy!


2012/2013 – Berlin – In the Light of Amarna. 100 Years of the Find of Nefertitigallery

2012/13 – Berlin – Olympia: Myth – Cult – Games in Antiquitygallery

2012 – Paris – The Twilight of the Pharaohs. Masterpieces of the last Egyptian dynastiesgallery


2013 – New York – Piero della Francesca in Americagallery

2012/2013 – Madrid/Paris – Late Raphaelgallery

2012/2013 – Haarlem – Raphaelgallery 1gallery 2

2012 – Milan – Titian and the Birth of the Modern Landscapegallery

2011/2012 – Berlin/New York – Renaissance Faces. Masterpieces of Italian Portraituregallery – gallery 2gallery 3


2012/2013 – Birmingham/Bristol/Belfast/Dundee/Kingston upon Hull – Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci: A Diamond Jubilee Exhibition from the Royal Collection gallery 

2012 – London – Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist – gallery 1gallery 2

2012 – Paris – Saint Anne, Leonardo da Vinci’s ultimate masterpiecegallery

2011/2012 – London – Leonardo da Vinci. Painter at the Court of Milan gallery


2013/14 – Haarlem – The top 100 most beautiful Rembrandtsgallery

2012/13 – Zurich/Bilbao – Riotous Baroque: From Cattelan to Zurbarán. Tributes to Precarious Vitality gallery

2012 – Aachen/Berlin – Elegance and boorish manners. Cornelis Begagallery

2011/2012 – Amsterdam – Rubens, Van Dyck & Jordaens. Flemish painters from the Hermitagegallery

2011/2012 – Rome – Guercino 1591–1666. Masterpieces from Cento and Romegallery

2011/2012 – Milan/Paris – Artemisia Gentileschigallery


2012 – Venice – Francesco Guardigallery

2012 – Berlin – On the Edge of Reason. The Picture Series in the Age of the Enlightenmentgallery

2011/2012 – New Haven/London – Johan Zoffany RA: Society Observedgallery


2012/2013 – Frankfurt am Main/Paris – Dark Romanticism. From Goya to Max Ernstgallery

2012 – Berlin – ‚…Old Fritz, Who Lives in his People’. The Image of Frederick the Great in Adolph Menzel gallery

2011/2012 – London/Paris/San Francisco – The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900gallery 1gallery 2gallery 3

2011/2012 – Hamburg/Cracow/Margate – Turner and the Elementsgallery


2013 – Venice – Manet. Return to Venice gallery

2012/2013 – Toledo(USA)/London – Manet: Portraying Lifegallery 1, gallery 2

2012 – Boston – Manet in Blackgallery


2012/2013 – Frankfurt am Main/The Hague – Gustave Caillebotte. An Impressionist and Photographygallery

2012/2013 – Basel – Edgar Degasgallery – gallery 2

2012 – Basel – Renoir: Between Bohèmia and Bourgeoisie The Early Yearsgallery 1gallery 2gallery 3

2012 – Basel – Pierre Bonnardgallery 1gallery 2

2011/2012 – Milwaukee/Vienna – Impressionism: Masterworks on Papergallery 1gallery 2

2011/2012 – Boston/Paris – Degas and the Nudegallery 1gallery 2


2012/2013 – Vienna – Face to Face with Gustav Klimt: The Klimt-Bridge in the Kunsthistorisches Museumgallery

2012 – Vienna – Jubilee Exhibition: 150 Years Gustav Klimtgallery

2012 – Vienna/Los Angeles – Gustav Klimt – The Drawingsgallery

2012 – Vienna – Klimt. The Wien Museum Collectiongallery

2012 – ViennaKlimt: Up Close and Personal – gallery 1gallery 2

2012 – Venice – Gustav Klimt in the Sign of Hoffmann and the Secessiongallery


2013 – Zurich/Liverpool – Chagall: Modern Mastergallery

2012/2013 – Łódź – Correspondences. Modern Art and Universalismgallery

2012/2013 – Toronto/Atlanta – Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Paintinggallery

2012 – London – Andy Warhol: The Portfoliosgallery

2012 – London/Fort Worth – Lucian Freud: Portraitsgallery 1 – gallery 2

2011/2012 – Los Angeles/Berlin – Pacific Standard Time: Crosscurrents in Los Angeles Painting and Sculpture, 1950-1970 gallery

2011/2012 – Basel/Bilbao – Constantin Brancusi & Richard Serragallery

2011/2012 – New York – Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Artgallery


2012 – London – Anish Kapoorgallery

2012 – London – Damien Hirstgallery 1gallery 2 – gallery 3gallery 4

2012 – Berlin – Roman Ondák. do not walk outside this areagallery

2011/2012 – London/Munich – Wilhelm Sasnalgallery

2011/2012 – London – Gesamtkunswerk: New Art from Germanygallery


2012/2013 – Vienna – Awakening the Night. Art from Romanticism to the Presentgallery

2012/2013 – Stuttgart – The Studio: Workshop and Myth. From Spitzweg to Picasso, from Giacometti to Naumangallery

2012 – Paris – Animal Beauty. From Dürer to Jeff Koonsgallery

2011/2012 – Vienna/Zurich – Winter Tales. Winter in art from the Renaissance to Impressionismgallery 1gallery 2


2013/2014 – London/Edinburgh/Moscow – Man Ray Portraits gallery

2012/2013 – New York/San Francisco/Minneapolis/Dallas – Cindy Sherman gallery 1gallery 2

2012/2013 – Lausanne/Brussels/Vienna – Behind the Curtain – The Aesthetics of the Photobooth gallery

2012/2013 – Berlin/New York – Dennis Hopper. The Lost Album gallery

2011/2012/2013 – Paris/Winterthur/Berlin/Amsterdam – Diane Arbusgallery

2012 – Cracow – Aleksander Rodchenko. Revolution in Photographygallery 1gallery 2gallery 3

2012 – London – Out of Focus: Photographygallery

29 thoughts on “Spis wystaw / In English”

  1. Dziękuję za twoja wizyta.

    Jest fajne, że twój blog jest w polskim. Więc, mogę ćwiczyć (a dużo potrzebuję…).

  2. What a wonderful blog! I may not read Polish but the images are universal! Thank you

  3. What a great blog ! This is only my second visit, and I will definitely come back to visit more often in future. In fact, I’ve just pressed „Follow” to subscribe, to make sure I get reminders. Just in the last 20 minutes I’ve been gazing at your gallery of the great Cindy Sherman. What a clever, brilliant artist she is. Thank you by the way for visiting and liking my blog (I see you were on the Daniel O’Connell post, delighted you enjoyed it. I can assure you, the admiration is mutual ! Greetings from Ireland. – Arran.

    • What a nice comment from Ireland! Nice memories – long time ago but very nice 🙂 Such beautiful country!
      Thank you for following – I hope you will find more interesting stuff here – do come often.
      Cindy Sherman is amazing, I’m planning to post more galleries with her works. From time to time I’m posting more photography from other artists – I hope you like it 😉
      Greetings from Poland – thank you for your vistit!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blogs and liking many of my posts. I found your site exactly what I like to see! Unfortunately I cannot read many of the posts as they are written in Polish. But you are right, art has no language barrier. It would be nice to be able to read some of your thoughts on the wonderful artwork. Your „collections” are indeed diverse. But you haven’t posted Asian art yet, or perhaps i have missed it. My interest in art is also very diverse. I will follow your blog and learn more from you.

    • So sorry I’m so late with my answer but…
      I wanted to post some Asian art which I adore.
      And – yes – it’s first time!
      There is so little non-European art on my blog 😦 but this is quite unknown field for me.
      I hope there will be more – I do have one more idea 😉
      Thank you for your kind comment and visits!
      If somethig would interest you more I try to answer as best as I can (sometimes it takes time…)
      And I’m looking for more posts about art on your blogs 😉

      • Thanks so much for your response. I am following your blogs and appreciated a lot of art information. Asian art is comparatively newer to me as we’ll. all the works that you posted are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey thanks for all the likes, you have a cool blog, I’ll be spending some time here.

    • You are welcome here
      Your blog is so cool because I like big ships on the sea and you have a lot of them 😉
      Thanks and cheers!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog

  7. snowbirdpress said:

    What a delightful gift! Many thanks for all the great links. I’m not much of a word person… but the image speaks a language words can’t even comprehend. 🙂

    • Sometimes words and images complement.
      Sometimes it’s not necessary.
      But any comment here is most welcome 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words!

  8. I’m smitten. ;-). I hope you feature more photography. While some of those in your galleries appear to have a shock factor, I do admire the concept of diversity and uniqueness. Thank you for visiting my blog as it allowed me to find yours. I am definitely be visiting you more.

    • Sorry for the grammatical error in the last sentence: I will definitely be visiting you more. 🙂

      • Don’t worry about grammar…
        It’s not that importat here 😉
        Important thing is to comment and express your own opinions 🙂
        Thank you!

    • Thank you for pointing concept of diversity and uniqueness 😀
      Mostly I’m posting art I like.
      I like very varied things – old masters, modern and contemporary art, photography as well.
      Contemporary art has sometimes shock factor but it’s not the main reason to post.
      I hope it is interesting to gather them in one place.
      And it is a kind of diary for me as well so our blogs have somenthing in common 😉
      Do come often!

  9. Summit10 said:

    jaws ajar. sublime work. 😀

  10. 2kdb2 said:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for creating this great reference for artists!

    • Your works are great – I’m so impressed!
      Thank you for visiting and appreciation.
      I’m glad you think it’s inspiring 🙂

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I agree – art is a universal language. I look forward to more of your blogs.

  12. lois said:

    is it really true, art is a universal language!

  13. Hi! thanks far stopping by, your blog is awsome, i like paintings, I have found a treasure over here, looking forward to seeing more.

    • Hello! Thank You so much, I’m so happy You like’d it here. It’s wonderful to have follower from such far country 😉 Enjoy!


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